"Art that evokes the simple pleasures of country living."

Alisha Gratehouse creates colorful art that evokes the simple pleasures of country living and growing up in the Deep South – a simply arranged bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table, sitting on the front porch swing listening to birdsong or thunder-storms, an old country church down a little dirt road. She wants her paintings to elicit sweet childhood memories and a nostalgia for days gone by.

A lover of all things vintage, she collects broken bits and baubles, giving forgotten jewelry new life and fresh charm, and giving you a connection with a bygone era. Her jewelry line is called Timeworn Boutique.

Alisha has taken her love of art and teaching to a whole new level by creating the Masterpiece Society online art courses for kids, teens & women. With her simple step-by-step videos, and her fun, lighthearted approach to art, as one customer says, "She makes everyone in our house feel like an artist by the time a project is finished." (To read more art course testimonials, please click on the menu link above.)