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AlishaHello! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Alisha and I am an artist, art instructor, creator of You Are a Masterpiece and several other online art courses, and author of A Life That Flourishes.

My days are filled with creating, painting, writing, drinking lots of tea, laughing with (and at) my family, and spontaneously bursting forth into song.

I grew up in a home that was built before the Civil War. It was a big, gracious, Southern home that served as a church parsonage in the early 1800s (and was even part of the Underground Railroad). Living in this house gave me a connection to the past and a love for old, beautiful, sometimes even tattered things. I have always felt more “at home” with antiques, vintage pieces, and with well-loved, timeworn furnishings.

It was in this home that I learned to draw, sew, decorate and create alongside my mother. I still love drawing, painting, hand lettering, designing my own art pieces and making lots of big messes (it’s the clean-up I have trouble with)! I also love taking vintage or antique pieces and repurposing them into something entirely new and beautiful.

This is my new site exclusively for my artwork, my upcycled jewelry creations, and a place to nourish my creative soul. Please feel free to explore. I would also love for you to visit me at my blog, Flourish, where I hope you will be encouraged to live an abundant and satisfying life – spirit, soul and body (John 10:10). There you’ll find a few of my craft tutorials, free printables, podcast, and lots of other randomness.

It is my desire that my whimsical art here will encourage and inspire you!

Please connect with me on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

“Delight attends her work and guides her fingers…” ~ Proverbs 31:13 (Voice)